Goodbye water.
Welcome living.

Permanently banish the flooding and finally put that basement to use. Professionally installed french drains, sump pumps, and exterior waterproofing systems across all New Jersey counties.

Your basement should bring
you joy, not headaches.

Dreading the daily
rain forecast?

Unable to finish your basement due to water damage?

Replacing the carpet – but afraid it’ll get moldy again ?

No room for storage because the basement’s out of commission?

Skip the sandbags.
Ditch the dehumidifiers.

Watershield’s French drain installation will keep your basement flood free – forever.

No dragged out jobs

Heard that this is a week-long
process? Think again. The job is
usually done in one day. The effect
is forever.

Avoid wasted time

On time. Period. 9am means 9am.
We arrive on time and start as
scheduled. No excuses.

Cleaner than you left it

It’s messy work – but you’d never
know. We do a thorough cleaning
after every job.

All your questions answered

Are French drains Greek to you?
We’ll guide you through the process
in terms you’ll understand.

Know the job will get done right

Our team has been working with
french drains and sump pumps for
two decades and counting.

Smoke rings, footprints, and &#%
not allowed

We have one setting: polite. Noise
is kept to a minimum, and you and
your belongings will be treated
with respect. Always.

More than what was promised

“Fantastic crew, knowledgeable and very efficient. More than what was promised. I would recommend this company over their competitors. Great job!”


Always responsive and available

“They were a pleasure to work with, always responsive and available. Work was completed in one day and very fairly priced. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to waterproof their home.”


Work was done well and on time

“I quickly received an estimate within 24 hours. The work began on time, appeared to be done well, and finished on time. The crew was very neat. It was refreshing working with the Watershield team. I have found contractors often attempt to cut every corner they can, but Watershield proved itself by completing the job correctly.”



Guaranteed with
lifetime warranty

Years experience

Flooding after

How will your water drain best?

Our specialists will help you find the perfect solution to stop your water woes.

French Drain

A French drain directs water away from your home. How? By means of a perforated pipe set in a slightly sloping, gravel-filled trench. It’s all downhill from there: when rainwater hits the trench, it flows down the pipe – instead of into your basement – and is then deposited a distance from your home. Watch this video to learn more.

Sump Pump

Sump pumps are integral to many water prevention plans. The pump has a float switch that is triggered when the water level in the pump gets too high. When that happens, the water is automatically pumped out of your basement and away from your property using a discharge line.

Exterior Waterproofing

Exterior waterproofing seals all moisture out from the foundation of your home. First Karnak, a foundation waterproof coating, is applied. Then a waterproof membrane is carefully placed, along with a simple drainage board. If there’s significant water sitting next to the foundation, an exterior drainage system, like a French drain and sump pump, is installed.

This keeps your foundation, and your basement, nice and dry

Reclaim your basement

Contact us

Our waterproofing specialist will walk you through the process, answer any questions, and get you a no-obligation quote for the job.

Schedule the job

Book a date and time that works. Our expert technicians will install your new system while you take care of your day-to-day tasks.

Enjoy your dry basement

Host a playdate. Move the foosball table out of the living room. Invite your brother for the weekend. It’s your space – enjoy it your way!

See what clients are saying…

So, which path will you take?

The Wet Way

(aka Don’t Book Watershield)


Accept flooding, mold, and warped walls as part of your life


Find somewhere else to store your luggage, sports equipment, and who-knows-what


Continue dishing out thousands on water vacuums, mold removal, and restorations

The Dry Route

(aka Book Watershield)


Say good riddance to floods, mold, and water damage – permanently


Finally enjoy space that was always yours – but wasn’t always useable


Spend your bonuses on home upgrades instead of basement repairs

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